Today we have Sinead O’Malley, she has been part of North West over a year and has not looked back, she has also recently opened her own Hair Salon in Bonniconlon.
Best of luck Sinead on your new adventure. 
1. Why did you decide to begin your Journey at North West?
I decided to start North west after hearing a few clients on about how good they where, and I needed a healthy structure in my life.
 I found myself taking the easy option after a long days work going for a takeaway, I was beginning to notice big changes in my weight and clothes so somthing had to change! 
So I got in touch with NWF and they rang me and went through everything I needed to know so I went down for my first session and I absolutely loved it! 
2. Why do you keep coming back?
I keep coming back because not only have I noticed a change in my weight but mentally I feel so much better and happier! If I have a bad week and miss a session it does effect the way I work and eat for the rest of the week! Brian , Ciaran and Rachel are tough but they leave you wanting to go back for more 💪🏼
3. What has been your Highlight so far?
My highlight so far is taking part and completing the 50k charity cycle , (even tho I didn’t walk right for a week) I was so proud of finishing it I would never of signed myself up for somthing like this but I was delighted with myself and it was for a great cause! Also noticing a change on the scales every time the lads weigh me, it does make it easier going back and working harder! 
4. Favourite & Least Favourite Exercise?
I don’t think I have a favorite exercise 😏 but I do prefer lifting weights as I have noticed myself getting stronger! 
My least favorite is the assault bike!! Some people love it but it makes me feel sick 😷 😂 although I have to say i have noticed I am able to do longer on it now then I did at the beginning!(Me smiling in that pic on the assault bike is all an act)🤮😂 
5. What would you say to someone that thinking about starting their Fitness Journey?
I would tell them just go for it once you get your first session over that’s it you will fly from there , 
As most people I was so nervous about starting but the lads and Rachel make you feel so comfortable and they ease you in every day untill they no what you are able for! 
No one is looking and judging you as everyone is there for a reason just like yourself! So anyone looking to join a gym I would 100% recommend North West you will never look back 🙌🏼