5 Things Friday.
Today we have Laura Foye, Laura has been with us over 3 years now.
She is brilliant to have as part of the North West Family.
Listen to her story below
 1. Why did you decide to begin your Journey at North West?
I joined the gym just over 3 years ago when I had moved to the area.I wanted to try something different and I was very unhappy with my weight at the time and had no energy. 
I came across NWF page and got my boyfriend to ring cause I was to embarrassed. 
Brian gave me a call back and convinced me to give it a go. 
He explained how the classes worked and immediately made me feel welcome before stepping inside the doors of the gym. 
At the time it felt like a huge challenge going to that 1st class but I havent looked back since. 
2. Why do you keep coming back?
I go back not only for my fitness but because of the social aspect. 
Brain, Ciaran & Rachel are 3 of the best trainers you could meet. 
Constantly pushing you to do more. Always coming up with new challenges and making everyone that comes in the doors feel like they belong there. I have also met some amazing people there and made some great friends. 
The 1 thing you are always guaranteed with your workout is some great banter 馃槃 
3. What has been your Highlight so far?I have achieved so much over the past 3 years since joining. 
I completed my first 10k in under an hour, The mayo Mud Run – I had no one to do it with and Brian stepped up and did it with me so I didn’t have to do it alone (thanks Brian 馃槈).
 I Also competed in a White Collar Boxing Competition – again the support from the lads to get me ready for it was unreal. Taking the extra time to train me without a second thought. 
My fitness levels over all are the best they have ever been I never in my life thought I would be at the level I am now and that’s all thanks to NWFA.
4. Favourite & Least Favourite Exercise?
Favourite exercise without a doubt is Boxing. 
The skills and training from the lads is far more than your average boxercise class. You learn about technique as well as getting a good workout. 
Also really enjoy weight lifting as your constantly pushing yourself to do more.
Least favourite would be the Assault Bike.
 I think they know by now with all the complaining I do when I have to go on it 馃槀
5. What would you say to someone that thinking about starting their Fitness Journey?
Just do it.  Its very easy to talk yourself out of something before even trying it. 
I know the night before I went to my first class i had myself worked up into an awful state worried about going, thinking I won’t be fit enough, ill embarrass myself, I can’t do this.
But I did and it was the best decision I ever made. 
Its Not only the lads that make ya feel welcome but its also the other members. 
There is a real sense of community in the gym. 
Everyone pushing and supporting each other that you don’t get form your average gym. 
Since joining NWF family has helped me in more ways than just my fitness.
And as I constantly remind the lads there’s no getting rid of me now 馃槀