Today we have Angela Parsons.
Angela has been with us from the very start in Ardnaree when Fitzy started off his own journey in the Fitness Industry.
She is brilliant to have around making everyone so welcome when they join North West.
1.Why did you start your journey with North West?I felt I needed a focused and guided process if I was to try and find continuity in any form of exercise. 
2.Why do you keep coming back?Because of the varied and progressive classes from which I see positive progress.Not to mention the craic and camaraderie 
3.What has been your biggest highlight been so far?My highlight was running my first 5k without the preparation from the classes I would never have the motivation or fitness to even attempt such a feat.
4. What is your Favourite and least exercise?Favourite Boxercise and least favourite is Get Ups
5..What would you say to anyone thats thinking about starting there fitness journey?Get to your 1st class recognise and acknowledge to yourself it may not be the easiest of journeys but it very quickly becomes  a very positive experience nearly addictive. Measurements are the obvious part,  but hugely improved mindset is even more beneficial.