Today we have one of our members that recently completed the Path 2 Freeeom 28 Day Program. 
The Results she got was Fantastic but the changes she has made to her Midset and Nutrition has been the REAL winner.
Listen to her story below
1. Why did you decide to get started at North West?I decided to get started with North West because I had heard and seen about it on FacebookI wanted to challenge myself so no better time during lock down to start when I was feeling sluggish and not energetic at all…
2. How do you feel since beginning?Since the beginning of programme I feel much more confident, more mindful of choices I make and with the mindset side of the programme it made me believe in me and I wanted to change to a healthier and more confident me.To want to change I had to make sacrifices and goals, I was willing to change and I was overwhelmed with the results.
I believed in me and I achieved my goals!!
3. What have you changed in you Nutrition since starting?Nutrition for me was a scone a day or muffin. The guilt of eating three meals a day was the one big downfall for me. I now enjoy three meals a day and two snacks, cut down on coffee and it’s just amazing because I feel much more Energetic, More Focused.
4. What would you say to someone that’s thinking about getting started To anyone who is thinking about getting started on a new programme but feels that little bit of doubt in themselves,  I had them feelings, for me to succeed I had to be willing to put in the effort and I did so,I believed in me for once, the before and after pictures just wowed me. In order to become a better person you have to be willing to change, your focus and keep an open mind, by changing the way you think you can become that person you want to become. 
Embrace it and most of enjoy it..