Today we have one of our members that got back on their Fitness Journey during Lockdown.
Since getting back in track with his Fitness Journey he has dropped an incredible 9kg.
Listen to his story below.
Why did you decide to get started on your Fitness Journey?
 I started with North West because I had moved back to Mayo for the lockdown and wanted something to be at while I was at home so the online Virtual Sessions were ideal.
How you felling since getting started?
I feel good a lot more energy & motivation to do things in the evening.
 I’m even a bit better with time management!! 
What changes have you made to your Nutrition?
Iv kept it simple .. More Veg, Less Carbs and good amounts of protein with most meals.
What would you say to someone that is thinking about getting started on their Fitness Journey?
 I would definitely recommend going to NWFA !  
The main thing is keep up the classes and the lads will show you the tricks with meals and portions its fairly simple when get in on it.