Big Thanks to Louise Lacken for sharing her Fitness Journey with us.
She has made unbelievable progress since beginning her Journey. 
Listen to here story below.
1. What Made you get started at North West?
I started out at North West when Brian rang me to do a trail.
 I have to say I’m glad i did it I love it now and can’t picture my week without out a session
2. What did you try before you got started? 
I have always tried the diets and eating healthy but I would always lose motivation or I get bored 
3. Why has your North West Journey been a success? 
Since joining North West I have lost 3 stone with the help and encouragement from the lads in the Gym they keep me grounded and that’s what I need.
4. How do you feel now compared to when you started?
I had no confidence at all but since I joined the lads out in North West I feel healthier Fitter and Happier in how look with my appearance.
I can finally look in the mirror and love the girl looking back at me 
5. What would you say to someone who was like yourself and was thinking about getting started
Do not sit at home and over think it we all have the same fears and douts.
 Just walk through the doors at North West and your journey will start to be a Happier and Healthier you.