Big Thanks to Ann Hanahoe who recently completed out Jegging’s 2 Jeans Online Program over the past 6 weeks.

Listen to her Experience below over the 6 weeks.
Jeggings to Jeans was not just a challenge to lose weight it was an opportunity to get my Head in the zone & stop falling back into the same traps EVERY time I start a new weightloss challenge.
I always had an excuse likeI’ve no time in the morning, i’ve to make dinner in the afternoon or “oh im too tired now” all bullshit excuses & i was only fooling myself.
The fact that the exercise sessions were online and 24hour accessible was fantastic, and I had no where to hide. 
45 minutes of a session wasn’t going to kill me but sitting on my arse getting Fatter slowly was.
In relation to nutrition, I haven’t eaten so much food ever🤣
I used to fast until lunchtime, have a fry for lunch then fast until I’d get home at night & then binge on crisps & chocolate, 
I knew I was doing wrong & ive been in that zone 1000 times before but it was just falling back into bad habits, with J2J I had to be accountable & nowhere to hide.
It is a slow process I had no where to hide thanks to having an accountability couch I couldn’t sit back on my laurels.🤣 
Those fellas are like ninjas, its like they know when ur about to eat something u shouldn’t or if ur not feeling motivated to exercise they give u a nudge in the right direction.
It’s 6 weeks of creating new Habits & making simple changes that u will find easy to implement into your daily schedule going forward. I would highly recommend anyone kickstarting their Fitness Journey consider NWFA.
Thanks a million for your help
Ps.If ye are running it again can ye get rid of up-downs & burpees🤣