Today we have Laura Judge from Crossmolina, Laura has been with since the beginning in Crossmolina.
She is brilliant in the gym like another coach always pushing others to do there best😃😃.
1. Why did you decide to begin your Journey at North West?
I decided to join North West to bring back my fitness levels. I was always into sport and exercising through school but after college I felt like my fitness levels were slipping and I wanted to get back on track! 
2. Why do you keep coming back?
I really enjoy the routine and the variety of classes.  I love the feeling of pushing through a really tough exercise and feeling stronger and fitter! The coaches are great motivators and they help make the classes fun! I joined the gym 5 years ago and rarely miss a week so they’re definitely doing something right!
3. What has been your Highlight so far?
My highlight is probably the knowledge I’ve built up around exercising and nutrition. Although my nutrition wouldn’t be on point a lot of the time, I’m very aware of tracking my food and being on track when I need to be! 
4. Favourite & Least Favourite Exercise?
I love anything high intensity- burpees/ power jacks/ boxingMy least favorite changes regularly but at the moment it has to be step ups
5. What would you say to someone that thinking about starting their Fitness Journey?
Do it for yourself. Do it because you want to do it! Everyone’s always afraid of making the first move because they think they’re not fit enough or not good enough and that everyone will be looking at them. I was in that same position 5 years ago. The only person who thinks/believes they can’t do something is you….nobody else! Make that first move, the first week will be the hardest but after that you definitely won’t look back!!